Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mass Effect, effects the masses

Someone sent me this link today about the recently released PC XBOX game called Mass Effect. This is an interview on FOX news program “The Live Desk with Martha MacCallum” which features Cooper Lawrence, a chick who likes to spout shit about stuff she knows nothing about.Fox News Interview.
It is not news that the new game Mass Effect has what some people call racey cut scenes but when you go on national TV and say stuff that just is not true you just end up looking like a tool. This is exactly what self help guru Cooper Lawrence did. One of her first statements is this “Who’s paying Video games? Its adolescent males, not their dads???" Rubbish, I am sorry but I grew up with computer games and console and guess what… I am still paying them and love them. I would argue that males that grew up playing video games are still playing them now. In fact a recent study states that the average age of a gamer is 33 years. Thirty percent of PC gamers are under 18 whereas fouty-four percent are 35 and older (that does not include 18-35 year olds). The stats for console gamers is slightly different but again there are more 18+ gamers than adolescent ones. Round one to the gamers (And I got those stats from a simple google search)

Then she goes on to say, “A man in this game deciding how may women he want’s to be with” The chap that is the games expert counters this with his first words “ That’s completely incorrect, firstly you can play as a man or a woman” Maybe she should have done some research…… Dur. He follows that quickly with this, “Cooper, have you actually played Mass Effect” (knowing full well what the answer will be) to which she answers with a laugh “No”. What an arrogant bitch, she knows nothing about the game and has not even played it. It’s like complaining about a movie having never watched it, or a book and never having read it. Looks like the stupid woman is beat, but no, she comes back with this little gem.

She says, “Women are objects of desire, with hot bodies” well noticed… Seriously though, the footage in the game is no different from images from TV shows such as LOST, advertising for perfume and clothes or comics. I tell you, if these so called social guardians went into any comic shop and saw the imagery that is sold to kids everyday they would have a friggin’ heart attack. I think that the crackpot is against the ropes and about to out for the count.

The Host even says that she went on the internet and could not find anything overly suggestive even though she had to prove her age, that’s because simply there is no nudity. Like I said, there is much more offensive stuff on E channel.

I agree that some of the new games that are coming out are pretty full on and I wouldn’t want to see that kids are playing them. But that’s where parents need to be more responsible. I don’t see them complaining about the Rambo film. At the end of the day movies , magazines and internet are far worse than these games and more easily accessible. Look after your kids and leave the games alone.

Another thing is that this woman Cooper Lawrence is also a writer of self help type books. People are giving her the same treatment as she gave Mass Effect, there are reports of people giving her book negative reviews on having not read her book. That’s funny shit. Her new book has an average review of 1 star out of 5 and the tagged words are words such as “ignorant”, “Garbage”, “Hypocrite” and “Hack. And that my friends is it, a KO. Out for the count and hopefully we will not hear her name again. Crackpot..

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