Friday, February 15, 2008

Mighty Mighty Boosh in Mighty Tighty Whitey Movie

For those of you in the know, and hip with the weird TV series scene, the cult TV series Mighty Boosh is making a movie. For the others who have been living under a rock, in the dark, or just outside of England, I'd advise you to catch up with the rest of the enlightened souls and download that shit right now!

Yes, Vince Noir and Howard Moon are in production at the moment to grace the silver screen with their presence.

Stars Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt have signed a deal with BBC Films to bring the cult series to the big screen.
The show focuses on friends Vince Noir (Fielding) and Howard Moon (Barratt), who embark on a series of magical adventures.
The pair are currently working on a script for the movie, which is likely to begin filming early next year.

Sounds good. Sounds wacky, zany and madcap. Possibly with lashings of ginger beer, dance scenes with wolves of the Arctic, and and maybe a boxing match with a kangaroo.


robmain54 said...

As a Brit who should appreciate the humour of The Mighty Boosh I must say season 2 was god awful (sorry spanker..) and did nothing to continue the momentum of the first (bring back the Zooniverse!!). Series 3 redeemed them - great stuff. Not sure if I could sit through a whole 1.5+ hours of it though, may be a big mistake. Could do with a film of Flight of the Conchordes, perhaps they go on to find fame and fortune....?!

Spankermatic said...

Ok, I'll give it to you that Season 2 wasnt the best, but I've only watched Eels from season 3 and it was excellent.
Yeah - I've said much the same thing about the movie as well - not sure if it would translate very well to a feature length film. I guess you just need to point at League of Gentleman's Apocalypse for that. I found the TV series ok, but the movie was boring.