Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Jesus loves you" apparently, but theres no verifiable proof.

Billboards billboards everywhere, but I really wish they'd fuck off. I hate most billboards as they are either a distraction, or a waste of space. A majority advertise products that most people couldn't care less about, or are an affront to your sensibilities. Don't get me wrong - some are amusing. The Tui ad's are usually quite urbane and witty, but they still distract people from what they should be doing - which is driving their bloody car. And although advertisers might say its aimed at people in slow traffic, or at passengers, that's crap. They want as many people, drivers and all, to read their stupid adverts about hair cream, face cream, or creamy beer just so next time you are in the supermarket, their brainwashing technique might edge you towards product X over product Y.

As a driver, its distracting when you hear someone reading a billboard, making some exclamation (laugh or tsk) causing you to whip your head around to try and read it. And if the traffic is slow, people spend too much time reading adverts and not enough paying attention to the car in front. It would be interesting to know how many accidents are caused by billboards or roadside advertising.

The lowest form of all this roadside hoarding is the god botherers. "jesus loves you" - so what? So does Santa and he's not real either (apology to anyone who didn't know Santa or Jebus was a figment of our collective imaginations). "Abortion is a choice against Life" - this one itches to have "So is Religion, and add your income too" sprayed on it. "What would Jesus do?" Who cares? Might as well ask what the Easter Bunny would do.

Apparently all over the US theres a series of B&W billboards denoting god's commandments to us all, trying to shame all them sinners into heading to their nearest collection centre, err I mean church, and handing over all their cash, err I mean donating to the money grubbing bastards.

Well, just as a counterpoint to that, comedian Mario DiGiorgio shows what his billboard replies would be. Check out the vid and have a chuckle.

Dueling Billboards

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