Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hoagland Shmoagland - Crackpots Unite again.

Aarrgghh, I can’t take it any longer. Richard C Hoagland is a dick. I like others don’t want to give this retard anymore press than he already gets. I suppose the reason for this rant is to get people to know the name ‘Hoagland’ so that when they hear about these ‘interesting facts’ they will realise that is coming from someone that is to stupid to realise that a rock on Mars is a rock and not a Martian.

So a new image of the surface of Mars is released to the public and in the bottom corner is a little outcrop that looks a little odd, agreed. But I can tell you one thing that its not, and this is for people in the cheap seats, “IT’S NOT A MARTIAN”. I am not a scientist by any stretch, but I do believe the people from universities and science houses around the world and bet that any one of them will tell you the same.

This new image has even made the front page of the ‘World’ section in our local newspaper here in NZ and the also made it to the news. Now loads of people will look at it and go ‘Wow, there is life on Mars’. I was just speaking to a guy who thought he heard some stuff about a satellite going offline as it took photo’s of Cydonia region (face on Mars area), what rubbish. People that skim read this stuff tend to believe it. I could understand if this actually was a Martian or some kind of life on Mars, then it would be news worthy.

Anyway I can tell you what it is in the image; it’s not a rock, its Planet of the Apes. Yep that’s it folks….. The secret is out.

This guy is also the chap that made the moon hoax theory popular, that’s how much of a loon he is. He needs to read the theory of Occam’s razor which states that “All things being equal, the simplest solution is the best”. Now apply that to the new photo from NASA and what do you have? That’s right it’s a fucking ROCK.

Life on Mars would more than likely be at very low levels where there might be moisture such as the bottom of Valles Marineris or other such locations. This life would be considerably smaller and probably need a microscope to find.

Mankind has for years seen a face on the moon, but like the new image from Mars, “It’s just a rock”. Another argument says that when we see familiar things in unfamiliar places it’s actually our brain trying to make sense of it. We don’t know what Martian life looks like and when we see something that looks familiar we make assumptions. Unfortunately some people take it too far.

I know that this guy Hoagland will continue with his crusade to make people believe him. Sensible people out there need to know what he is doing and debunk this stuff if you hear people talking about it. Its nonsense, just like intelligent design, but that’s another rant for another time..

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