Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Looking good for Jebus : Getting tight with the Man

I saw an article on Stuff where a TopShop outlet store in Singapore has pulled a range of cosmetics from its shelves due to irate christian dickheads. The range called Lookin' Good for Jesus is made by an American Company and include, a "virtuous vanilla" lip balm, hand and body cream and a mirrored Jesus statuette. They feature a drawing of Jesus flanked by two adoring women and carry slogans such as "Get tight with Christ", "Get His Attention" and "Redeem Your Reputation and More".

I guess two things stand out here - yet again we pussy foot around religion for no reason and its made by an American company - supposedly one of the most christian countries on earth, so why does it offend christians?

If it was a slogan calling for the murder of religious people, then yes - they would be within their rights to complain. But its not - its bloody makeup. Apparently the irate customer said "that the products trivialised Jesus Christ and Christianity." Not surprising when dealing with a trivial subject.

The shop has pulled the product stating "We don't want to offend our customers" which means that they dont really give a shit about christianity, just the fact that they have money. A more honest answer would have been "we don't want to stop people spending money here"

Its a pretty funny idea though - makeup to help you pull the son of god? That's some serious gold digging there.

Via Stuff

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