Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two Eyed Brown Snake vs One Eyed Trouser Snake

In a clash of the titans match up reminiscent of Ali vs Foreman in the Rumble in the Jungle, a man was bitten on the wanger by a snake in Laura, 300km north of Cairns in north Queensland, Australia. It happened a few weeks ago, and because its the outback, these things take time to come to the attention of anyone else. Mr Zutt said he had crouched down by the side of the road to take a dump when the attack took place.

"I squatted down – I reckon I must've nearly sat on his head," he said.
"As soon as I felt it, I yelled. As would anyone I reckon - any guesses what he was yelling?

Arrrrrrgh fuuuuuuuck!

Fair suck of the sav, a snakes bit me willy!

Strewth, look at the size of that snake. Oh no hang on, its me old fella.

Mr Zutt was also quoted as saying "It really hurt." One would imagine so. He said he tried to remain calm as he inspected the damage. "He got me about halfway down," he said. "I saw fang marks and a bit of blood come out."

Ok - that's about all we need to hear really. Apparently he was taken to hospital where tests confirmed he had not been poisoned. On the way he had called his mum to say goodbye, preparing her for the worst. Not the nicest phone call to receive I imagine.

Oh hello Basil, hows the hunting trip going?
Well Mum, a snake just bit my John Thomas and I might be on my way out. Don't put it on my gravestone please.

His mates have been none too sympathetic either. "They've been saying things like `It was a trouser snake fight' and `He (the snake) saw the competition and got scared'," he said.

He said he would still venture to the outback but there would be no more "running through the bush barefoot and pig-hunting".

Bugger eh?

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Anonymous said...

I've heard the story, but I heard the snake was about 2 ft long, unlike the one in the photo which isn't even an Australian snake. This is how hoaxes get started