Friday, June 13, 2008

Guns are bad m'kay

Ah yes, guns are useful for only one thing. Putting successively larger holes in things to make sure they go away. But its looks like we've found another use - comedy! Yes for every able gun toting marksman out there, we also have the dimwits and idiots who forget the principle rules of firearms - don't point it at anything you don't want to die, and don't forget the safety. Check out the vid after the jump for a Benny Hill inspired look at all those people who should NOT have a gun. Darwin would be proud.


Mooghead said...

Its perfect natural selection. Give everyone in the world a gun and and within days all the idiots will have done away with themselves and their idiot friends meaning a stronger more intelligent human race can take the world forward. A brilliant and flawless plan.

Spankermatic said...

Hey pa, look at this here shiny gun dang it...BANG!

Hey Ma, I asked Pa to look at my shiny gun and...BANG

Goshdarnit I wonder why every one keeps...BANG!