Monday, June 9, 2008

Classic prank - as long as you ain't the prankee

Mentos and Diet Coke - has there been a better find in chemical and prank history after compressed air and the whoopee cushion? We've seen all manner of interesting things done from Mythbusters testing exactly what it is in the two substances that makes the violent reaction, to the guys on Youtube with their Coke\Mentos synchronised musical fountains. Lets not forget all the idiots eating mentos and drinking coke to "see what happens". Darwin would be proud. But its always interesting to see new and inventive ways to use old tricks. See after the jump for a neat, and messy way to entertain yourself and perhaps make a new enemy.

How To Build A Mentos And Diet Coke Booby Trap


Mooghead said...

even when you know whats gonna happen its still funny shit, specially when there is a hot babe involved.

Spankermatic said...

aye - they should make more of these types of clips for, err, instructional use.