Friday, June 13, 2008

Blow Up Doll Gets Quick Ride To Work - No Pun Intended

Here in New Zealand just like most other countries there are issues with traffic congestion, especially Auckland which is the largest city. Some drivers have been coming up with some novel ways to beat the transit lane rules that have been put in place to reward those who carpool. Those who have three or more people in a car are allowed to drive in the same lanes as buses, taxis and motorbikes therefore making their journey shorter by up to fifteen minutes. Some enterprising commuters have started taking their blow-up dolls to work in an effort to make it look like they carrying the allotted amount of passengers.

Blow up dolls, mannequins and medium sized dogs dressed in children’s clothes have all been employed by drivers trying to get to work quicker. I commend them for thinking of ways to beat the rules but they should really just get more real people in the car. Drivers that get caught are fined NZ$150 and are usually caught by officers standing on the side of the road noting down registration plate numbers. They first noticed something was wrong when cars were stopping at lights had passengers that were not moving.

At least if it is a quiet day at work then there is something to do to break the monotony.

"There were some odd people that tried these antics," said North Shore city council officer Andre Dannhauser

Check out the video from one of our local news broadcasters who reported this after Reuters broke the story.

News Video


Rookie Expert said...

Interesting article. Dont know how people come up with such ideas.

I love the title..

Spankermatic said...

Can you imagine a cop pulling you over...

"Ah sir, I believe your passenger is about to go down on you."

"Sir, your passenger is looking rather unwell. Does she need some air?"

Mooghead said...

Tee hee :-)

Mr_Fett01 said...

Thanks for the link about puns. I didnt know I had written a pun until I went back and read it, There was actually no pun intended at a literal sense. But thanks anyway. Moogy.