Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No Mr Fluffy, I expect you to die!

As mentioned in my earlier post, we need a cat gun to keep the critters off my damn lawn, so I don't have to dodge catshit landmines when I'm taking out the rubbish or mowing the lawns. Well, ask and ye shall receive. New and purchaseable on the interweb is the Mega Sonic Scatter Cat.

Yes, now those pesky animals will fear your lawn, and if I customise it to go continuously in non-predictable patterns sweeping my whole lawn, I can create a no-go zone for felines and other small furry things. Combine that with the paint ball sentry gun then you have an effective anti-cat area, ensuring crap free lawn mowing, and totally avoids that awful squishy feeling between the toes when taking out the trash.

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