Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ancient Russian Technology

It looks like the crew of the Soyuz that just landed had a wee bit of a bumpy ride. According to the returning ISS crew hit 10gees on re-entry into the atmosphere and landed more than 250 miles away from the target landing zone. Everyone is well but I bet they were shitting themselves when they were on their way down.... Jeez. also reported that they landed short of the target due to a possible ballistic re-entry which is "a steeper than normal descent that can subject the crew to higher gravitational forces". I hate to hear about this sort of thing and it sucks that the manned space missions have to rely on this kind of technology. Fortunately NASA have been involved with upgrading these spacecraft over the last few years which has added to the safety, control and comfort.
Well done to the crew for getting back safely and I hope that this does not deter them from going back.

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