Friday, August 1, 2008

Mythbusters Moon Hoax Special

Here at RD we are firm believers in the fact that NASA and the US government successfully landed men on the Moon. There is no hoax, there is nothing fishy going on and there is an answer to every single so called 'fact' that the hoaxers come up with. Go to to read more info about the Moon hoax.
Well it looks like our favourite buster of myths, The Mythbusters are doing a Moon Hoax special. Yay, I am supremely confident that every test, experiment they do will add weight to the truth, that we as a species landed on the Moon. I am not going to debunk the the Moon hoax stuff here as there are plenty of reality based sites out there with that info.
Check out the trailer after the jump for the Mythbusters Moon Hoax special.


Mooghead said...

Has anyone ever actually tasted the moon? You heard me right - tasted it? No?

I conclude the moon is made of cheese.

Mythbusters never answers the questions we really want to know.

Mooghead said...

Seriously....(I was actually being very serious)

Charlie Brooker is a British journalist who writes for The Guardian (posh paper). He recently wrote a column about why people go along with conspiracy theories (more specifically 9/11), it is very interesting. He suggests they offer people a little superiority complex in their little hum-drum lives and - "Throughout my twenties I earnestly believed Oliver Stone's account of the JFK assassination. Partly because of the compelling (albeit wildly selective) way the "evidence" was blended with fiction in his 1991 movie - but mainly because I WANTED to believe it. Believing it made me feel important."

People are idiots.

alison said...

Dunno about idiots - I've just been re-reading Carl Sagan's book "The demon-haunted world" & he took a more sympathetic viewpoint. He said that part of the problem is that so many people lack the critical thinking skills that let them cut through the attractively packaged bullshit, plus yes, there is that desire to believe... So maybe, ill-informed, poorly-equipped, gullible... & not to say that this doesn't apply to scientists, either. I remember reading Martin Gardner's account of how easily Geller fooled a group of observing scientists, simply because they didn't expect him to be deliberately trying to trick them.

Mooghead said...

Maybe idiots was a bit harsh, but there is something egotistical about conspiracy theorists and how they believe they know something we don't.

Lugosi said...

People are just plain gullible. I recently had a friend who emailed everyone in his address book some stupid video about cellphones being able to cook popcorn. Then he warned us to stay off our cellphones because they're probably doing the same thing to our brains.
I didn't really want to embarrass him, but damn, this was just too stupid. It's also how ridiculous rumors spread. So I emailed everyone in his cc list the link to the item which explained that the video was actually concocted by some Bluetooth manufacturer for a promotion in Europe.

Anonymous said...

well the thing is the film that they used to take the pictures it wouldnt have made it back through the vanallen belt full of radiation so it would have been no good even if it did get to the moon so how do they explain that ???????

Mr_Fett01 said...

Again I reference Phil Plaits work, in debunking the Moon landing hoax theory.
"The van Allen belts are regions above the Earth's surface where the Earth's magnetic field has trapped particles of the solar wind. An unprotected man would indeed get a lethal dose of radiation, if he stayed there long enough. Actually, the spaceship traveled through the belts pretty quickly, getting past them in an hour or so. There simply wasn't enough time to get a lethal dose, and, as a matter of fact, the metal hull of the spaceship did indeed block most of the radiation"
Nuff said.