Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sensing Even More Horseshit

Check out the Silly Beliefs website and their dissection of the Sensing Murder episode where a supposed "die hard skeptic" was turned and is now a fully fledged believer of the woo. Well it certainly helps when the so called "skeptic" rings them up and asks to be on the program.
He admits that he did approach 'Sensing Murder', not the other way around as he claims in his book. So we were right after all, but why did he fudge the truth in his book? Perhaps to suggest that he was such a famous psychologist that 'Sensing Murder' would naturally seek him out?)"
Check it out along with heaps of other good stuff.


alison said...

Oh I do like 'Silly Beliefs', I do I do I do! Thank you hugely for the link :-)

Spankermatic said...

No worries - I've read quite a lot of the stuff there. Its an interesting read if you need to kill some time.