Monday, July 28, 2008

"Dubya" - Action, Drama, Comedy?

Oliver Stone is not new to controversy, several of his films have fallen into that particular category. Salvador with James (freaking cool) Woods, Platoon with Charlie (I like my characters to be called Charlie) Sheen and JFK with Kevin (Waterworld) Costner would all be considered politically challenging subjects. Well he’s only gone and done it again. The trailer for his new socio-political George W. Bush drama, aptly named “W” has just come out and boy, this looks a doosey.

Actually it looks pretty good. I like a lot of what Oliver Stone has done in the past, excluding Alexander which was a bore fest and look forward to the approach he takes. Stone has assembled a great looking cast too, Josh Brolin as Dubya himself, James Cromwell as Daddy Bush, Thandie Newton looks particularly good as Condolezza Rice as does Jeffery Wright as Colin Powell. Stone has said that he didn’t want to make an “anti-Bush” film, but to be honest when you make a movie about someone like GWB its going to be hard not to be objective. Some people have read part of the script and New York Post writer Cindy Adams said, “Pro-Bushies will hate it, antis will love it.”

Stone deserves a good film soon as his last few have been decidedly average\crap. Check out the trailer.


Mooghead said...

First of all I am amazed that all you could think of to bracket between 'Kevin' and 'Costner' was 'Waterworld'. There are a million more apt words you could use.

Secondly, why does Oliver Stone deserve a good film soon? He is shit, proper terrible. Actually, you should really have put 'Oliver' and 'Stone' between 'Kevin' and 'Costner'

Mr_Fett01 said...

Kevin Costner gets a bad rap these days, ever since waterworld. Even though it had many flaws it was an ok actioner. Plus he was great in the Untouchables, Bull Durham, No Way Out and Field of Dreams. He's ok.

Again Oliver Stone may be opinionated and controversial but he has made some fantastic films. Technically he is a good director with a very unique style. Unfortunately some of his more recent films have not shown this. Watch Salvador, Platoon, Wallstreet, U-turn and Any Given Sunday to see just what he is capable of.

Spankermatic said...

Kevin Costner is crap. Bar The Untouchables I cannot think of another movie I like of his. He is one of those actors where if I know he is in the movie, I generally refuse to watch it.

Oliver Stone is a mixed bag - Platoon is excellent, Wall St, U-Turn and Any Given Sunday are good, but all of his movies are soooo long. Get to the point Oliver!