Friday, June 17, 2011

Ancient Aliens Rule the World.

I have recently been watching a show called 'Ancient Aliens' on History channel. More due to lack of anything else to watch. So I have made it to the 4th episode fairly unscathed. But after struggling to the end of the 4th episode I am not convinced that I am going to make it any further.
For those that don't know, 'Ancient Aliens' works on the premise that thousands of years ago human kind was not doing so well until a bunch of Aliens came and helped us out.

So all over the World there were primitive people going about their business when boom, out of the sky came magnificent ships and creatures (gods) that transformed Man's future development. From helping to build the Pyramids, define scripture, building cities in the mountains around the World the Aliens picked us up and taught us to act civilised.
There are many compelling arguments out there which may or may not be worth listening too and to be honest there are some things that seem difficult to understand.
My problem is this, the quacks that present the evidence, there's a radio show host, a journalist and then there is the great Giorgio A. Tsoukalos and his massive hair.
Some the ideas in this show are so plausible that they could believed. But then you get to episode 4 and the crop circles, and shortly after that you get hollow Moon and then to top it off, hollow Earth. Are these people nuts?.
Firstly why do they have a radio host with no apparent scientific background, a journalist who just appears to spew garbage from her stupidly botoxed face and do they really thing that we are so stupid to think that the Moon and Earth are hollow. I bet the History channel were kicking themselves when they sat down and watched the first season and were looking around the table going 'What The F#%k, You spent our money on this shit'.
I can only assume that the second series was greenlit when the makers said "yeah, sure. Next time we will be more scientific and get some reputable people on the show. Dont worry, trust us".
And History went, "Ooookaaaay"
I was recently reading a comment from another blog comment which is just perfect,

They didn't just get a few things wrong. As a person with knowledge of real science I can tell you none of that was presented. I don't mean that in a derogatory way either, as scientific Hypothesis is barely more than an assumption based on observations.
But a hypotheses is not a theory, not in the scientific sense of the word. To become a theory, the hypothesis must be tested. Our current theories of science have mountains of provable data and numerous repeatable experiments to back them up. Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis would be more accurate. -DeathsHead419-
This pretty much sums up the style of the show.A show that is so far removed from reality that they may as well be in another another one.

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