Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Church in Auckland finally admits God is hung like bull

Yes, following the athiests bus campaign a church in Auckland has decided to do the "tounge in cheek" approach to getting punters on pews over the Chrissy period. They have erected (snigger) a billboard saying God has a big wang.

Its funny how long its taken the church to get onto this particular way of pushing their religion - mens magazines have always had this sort of advertising for years, and of course how many spam emails do we get every day saying the same thing? "Join now" they are saying "and for a small fee you to can be hung like the G.O.D". Yes, send no money now (but be prepared to be taxed every Sunday) and you to can get a little bit of god's big wanger action.

Is it just me or is this an act of desperation? Don't get me wrong - I find this a funny advert, and its a great hook, but doesn't this fly directly in the face of the standard church message of "Sex - its just not good for you"? Ususally its mainly "don't do it, keep your hand off it, and if you think about it you're going to the bad fire", so seeing the whole "sex - god does it and so should you" theme sounds a bit like either a brilliant new tack, or (more likely) yet more hypocritical horseshit from the men in robes.

Probably people are saying right now "hey get over it - its funny and aren't they entitled to their fun" but the problem is it comes after years and years of sexual repression and bible bashing crap from organised religion about how we should be viewing sex, and our sexuality. Of course its hilarious that men who dedicate themselves to celibacy should be telling us how and when we should be having sex - if thats not the definition of irony, I dont know what is.

Oh well - let them have their billboard. Its not a big problem, and the "discussion" it provokes might cause some people under the influence of religion to question exactly what it is they believe in, rather than a discussion of Jesus and his supposed works (which is the intent of the church in question).

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