Friday, July 18, 2008

E3 Game trailerfest.

Most people know that the E3 game\gadget\technology fest is on in the States. Well here is a bunch or previews for some of the games that have featured so far. We have the likes of Resident Evil 5, the new Wolfenstein game, Ghostbusters and Fallout 3 among others. Have a look after the jump for some of these beautiful new games.

No doubt there will have to be some serious hardware updates needed to play some of these titles. Mirror's Edge looks brilliant.
Resident Evil 5


I am Alive

Ghost busters



God of War 3


Mirrors edge demo reel

1 comment:

Spankermatic said...

I want Fallout 3 even more now. Man does it look good.

Wolfenstien look fun, but I'm not sure it brings anything new to the FPS genre after watching that.

And is it just me or did it sound like Greg Proops was doing the voice over for Madworld?