Thursday, May 29, 2008

Caminito del Rey

This is fucked up.

This is a path in Spain called the Caminito del Rey, it is a popular haunt of climbers, walkers and mountain bikers. The path is attached to the side of cliff faces and has 200 metre drop in places. Amazing video after the jump.

The walkway has fallen in to disrepair and is very treacherous, there are many holes in the concrete path that leave only a thing metal beam to walk along. Several people have been killed trying to get across this path and this has caused the local council to close the path to the public. That though does not stop countless people making the perilous crossing. The government has a budget to get it repaired at a cost of 7 million Euro’s, the sooner the better I say as there is no way I would go near this.

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Mooghead said...

Thats me taking the video