Friday, April 11, 2008

IronMan, better than the Man of Steel

Generally speaking I am not to bothered about all the super hero films that seem to come out. Some of them are pretty cool, most have an entertainment value of some kind, and some are just plain terrible. In saying that I am actually looking forward to the new IronMan film. It is directed by the star of one of my favourite films 'Swingers', Jon Faverau. Also it has Robert Downey Jr who seems to have come good after all those years of being a druggy loser bum. Don’t get me wrong I like Downey, I think he is a great actor with bucket loads of talent but he nearly threw it all away. Anyway the trailer has been out for a while now and if you want to see it then read on. Also I have listed some of the superhero\comic book films that I like\Hate or what ever.
IronMan trailer

X-Men - I don’t mind this series at all, it's fairly disposable watching with plenty of action. There is not too much to care about in regards to the characters of the danger that the bad guys present. I mean I don’t feel that the World is going to end. I am not rooting for the good guys as much as waiting for the bad guys to do something bad.

Spiderman - This series started so well. The first one looked so good and there was good action, it was a new look at a cool super hero. I am desperate for Sam Raimi to do some new material as I think he got bogged down with this series. I do think that the Spiderman films fell into the same trap as the first series of Batman films, there were to many villains. Spiderman 3 had three bad guys, Venom, that goblin guy and the Sandman. It should have been about Venom only, that would have given chance to create a much better evil for Venom and flesh things out more.

Superman - I really quite liked Superman Returns, I think they paid homage to the original Christopher Reeve films nicely and hopefully the series continues. Christopher Reeve was the reason that the original series worked so well, he was completely believable as Kent and Superman. You got totally taken to that World. The bad chaps in Superman II were nasty too. Wearing black and killing astronauts on the moon.... grizzly. That’s what PG villains should be like.

Daredevil - This was really average. Don’t really know what to say... Bad guys were naff and Affleck was normal. Blagh!

Ultraviolet - Shit! Total garbage.....

Batman - Tim Burton's Batman was fantastic, as was Nolan's Batman Begins. i only hope that The Dark Knight is a better sequel than Batman Returns was for Burton. I think that Burton's Batman is a lot more mysterious than Nolan's and that helps to sell the dark brooding image. In saying that Nolan's version show us exactly what he went through to become the man in the suit and gives us a more detailed motive. I love them both and can't wait to see The Dark Knight.

This is just a short selection of some of the things that I think about the superheroes that have graced our screens recently. I do think that they should slow down on the production of these films as they are becoming more throw away and less eagerly awaited. People have almost had enough. I am sure that IronMan will prove me wrong.


robert said...

IronMan looks ok, I'll probably never see it so I will leave my review at that. Superman Returns was an unbelievable carpfest, can't believe you liked it. Not sure if Tranformers was based on a comic but it STANK. Everyone else loved it. Am I just getting old and grumpy?

Lugosi said...

Robert: Yes, you are.

Spankermatic said...

While I like the look of some of the pictures I've seen of Ironman, I'm not watching any of the promo videos. I reckon theres to much footage release before the movie comes out, and it spoils the movie - you've already seen all the good bits, so whats the point in going to the movie?

Robert : I agree, Superman Returns blew serious goats.