Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Stuff of Science Fiction

I caught this on the news the other day and it blew me away. A chap in the US cut the tip of his finger of in the rotor blades of a toy airplane, and then had it grow back. Its called Regenerative Medicine and uses Cellular Matrix Dust applied to the damaged area. More after the jump.

This technology obviously has huge implications. Originally used on internal organs such as the heart it can now be a potential for soldiers injured in the line of duty. But if they can get a finger to grow back in 4 weeks then how far will it go? Can they grow back a finger including the knuckles? How about a whole hand? maybe even an entire limb such as a leg or arm, damn it lets rebuild him better than before.

This is straight out of the realms of science fiction (more specifically Peter F Hamiltons series The Nights Dawn trilogy) where injured people apply a medical pack to regrow tissue. Its only a matter of time I guess before nut jobs and religious fanatics try to put the kybosh on another new technology that will only improve the lives of many, many people (Much like stem cell research).
The next stage will involve more extensive test on people but I will be more than interested to see where this goes.

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