Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Am Legend is a bit better now - or is it?

As we discussed in an earlier post (on our old blogarooney), the Fresh Prince's latest movie I Am Legend was sub par. It left a bit to be desired throughout, and the ending sucked serious balls. And now we know why - there was an alternate ending. The producers, after listening to clearly moronic test audiences, decided to go with the fluffy bunnies, religo and ultimately shit house ending we saw with the movie. Well, screw that - it downed the whole flick I reckon. Fortunately, someone has saved us by posting the entire alternate ending on Gametrailers. Check it out after the jump.

Well after watching that, I cant say I like either ending really - they both suck. My better ending would have been the infected corner Will Smith, use cohesive arguments to make him understand that Scientology is a bunch of crap, and they all run off to Tom Cruise's house to do an intervention. Theeeeeetaaaaaannnnssss!

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