Friday, February 6, 2009

Terminator Meltdown Update

It seems Christian Bales' outburst has created a lot of controversy and noise prompting many commentators on the web to express their points of view. As per norm most are BS but some do make pretty interesting reading.

Christian Bale, star of The Dark Knight and upcoming Terminator Salvation flicks was recorded losing his toys, lollies, lunch and his mind on set of TS at some poor unfortunate, in the wrong place at the right time DP named Shane Hurlbut.

Some fat guy at reckons Bale may have been somewhat justified in verbally flaming the dude - read here

Another dude at reckons the fat guy is a nob but kinda agrees that maybe the whole thing was just a storm in a tea cup after all - read here

Another guy just got his kicks out of taking as much piss as is legally possible - listen here

But what about the poor schmuk caught in the crosshairs? Well he aint saying much and who would blame him but anyway his name is Shane
Hurlbut and he has feelings too - feel here

Want my opinion? No? well f*ck u2. But seriously Bale's outburst is as funny as hell to listen to but only because it shows that even mega superstars are human just like you and me. Wot you cant remember the last time you told someone to go f*ck themselves at the top of your voice? weird....

If you really do want to hear it again here's the link
!WARNING! wear headphones if at work or your mum is near by - listen here

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