Tuesday, November 18, 2008

J.J Abrams takes on Star trek

At last we have a decent version of what the new Star Trek film trailer. I have always enjoyed Star Trek as far as science fiction and cool space ships blowing things up. So I have to say that I am actually quite looking forward to J.J Abrams vision of the Star Trek Legacy. The trailer has some great visuals and the Enterprise looks great with the stark interior. Plus we have Simon Pegg playing the part of Scott which should be a laugh. Video after the jump. Beware its the High Res version.


Mooghead said...

Looks great, can't wait. Its well documented that Simon Pegg is a massive Star Wars fan, he ends up in Star Trek. Isn't it ironic?

Don't you think?

Xenoba said...

Hell Yes.

Mooghead said...


Not everyone likes it :-(