Thursday, June 5, 2008

When the cubicle becomes just too much

Most videos of people going postal in the office are usually set ups, viral adverts or just some guys having a laugh. But sometimes you watch them and wonder "What if someone lost it completely one day? How far would they go?"
Enter some eastern european man who obviously can't take the pressure any more of people bumping his desk, spilling his coffee and some fat bloke knocking papers onto the floor. Check out the two vids after the jump and make your own mind up as to its authenticity.


and heres some footage from a cellphone by a co-worker of the same scene.


Lugosi said...

Well, judging by the reactions of everyone else in that office, it certainly looks authentic. You can also see the guy with the cellphone camera in the top security footage video.

Spankermatic said...

Yeah - looks pretty real. It looks like the security guard kicks the nutter in the balls at the end of the cellphone footage. Harsh.