Monday, May 5, 2008

Plastic Syringe Inventor Passes Away.

Not many people know the name of Colin Murdoch, the inventor of the plastic syringe and the tranquilliser gun. Mr Murdoch passed away yesterday after battling cancer since 1991. There is no doubt that the man from New Zealands South Island made his mark on history. His simple invention replaced the permanent glass and metal syringe with the modern day plastic disposable one we see today.

Not only is this used all over the world in hospitals and schools but it is safe to say that the disposable syringe has saved countless lives by not reusing the old fashioned ones. disposable syringes means no cleaning and no sharing. If this had not come about then there is no doubt that the cases of cross contamination would be considerably higher. Not to mention the use of syringes by drug addicts.
Not only did he come up with the disposable syringe but he also developed the way of administering doses of tranquiliser via modified world war 2 weapons. While studying imported goat and antelope he developed the tranquiliser gun so that the animals could be subdued from a distance. Again this development has helped with the study of animals around the world and his company Paxarms Ltd helped to develop many of the technologies. Another Great New Zealander who's name should be up along side Sir Edmund Hilary and Lord Ernest Rutherford.

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