Monday, May 19, 2008

Joss Whedon Gets Something Right

Thanks to Gizmodo for this one. It is the trailer to the new Joss (Alien wrecker) Whedon's TV show called 'Dollhouse'. The premise is that a bunch of people are 'Actives' that are essentially empty bodies with no memories that can be programmed to behave in certain ways and do certain things, like be assassins, spys and opoeratives.

The assumption being that when they finish a mission they can be wiped so that they have no memory of the job and can be programmed for next weeks show where they will do something different. No doubt there will be some over arching plot line that means you will have to watch them all to know what is going on. It does sound interesting I have to admit, even if it does sound kind of like Dark Angel/Matrix/McGyver.
The reason old Joss has got this right may have something to do with casting. He has got Arnies Daughter from True Lies to be the lead. That would be Eliza Dushku, who also stared in Bring It On and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Check out the vid to see what I am getting at.

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Joss Whedon blows goats