Friday, May 2, 2008

American National Day of who gives a crap.

Looks like the fundies are out in force in the good ole USA today - its apparently the National Day of Prayer. A day when everyone stops working towards the greater good, and starts sitting down muttering to themselves. Cause thats going to do some good apparently. Yes, instead of feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and helping the weak, they are going to pray for their sad asses.

I was walking to work today and got bugged by the sight of the Salvation Army out collecting...again. They always seem to be standing around with their hand out, and as a religious organisation, begging for my money seems a bit hypocritical. Don't they collect enough from their parishioners every Sunday? Either way, I will never give money to a religious organisation, especially one that reckons everyone should follow their wacky rules, or believes some mystical figure created everything.

I think PZ Myers has a pretty good understanding of this supposed National Day for Americans - fuck the National Day of Prayer.


Wayne Koorts said...

"I will never give money to a religious organisation"

Amen to that!

Xenoba said...

To be fair to the Sallys they do a lot of good for people and do not exclude those who are not religious. The Sallys are also one of the few religious organistaions that do not force religion on to people unlike the pain in the arse yanks that waste a whole channel on Sky preaching their lies and deceipt.
I for one have no problem donating to the Salvation Army.

Spankermatic said...

I agree that they do a lot of good work, and help feed/clothe/comfort those less fortunate than us, and that is certainly nothing I have a problem with. But they do push religion on those who take the handouts. I have spoken to a few people who have had to take handouts and another who did some work for them, and they say its part of their job to use the opportunity of people in need to push Christianity. They are told to not only minister to the needy, but also act as Minister to them as well whether it is wanted or not.

They have in the past refused to care for homosexual people, and although they have moderated this stance in New Zealand, the SA worldwide group still has this problem.

I know, they are nowhere as bad as some fundies in other parts of the world, (Muslim Imam's, Christian Extremists, Fundamentalist Hindu's etc) but its still a front for intolerance and religious programming in my opinion. The one props I will give them, is that here in NZ they are trying to modify that hardline Christian stance.

At the end of the day, I show my disapproval by not giving them money. They are free to practice their faith and believe what they want, as long as they respect that in others.

Spankermatic said...

Oh and I realise that there's a wee bit of hypocrisy there, with me saying they should "respect others beliefs" and me slagging off the National Day of Prayer, but the big difference is I am not telling them to stop practising their religion - I just think its bullshit.

As long as they don't try and put it in schools, government or law, they can believe whatever they want.