Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Movie Review : The Signal

Have you got the crazy?

Directed by : David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry
Written by : David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry
Stars : AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Scott Poythress, Justin Welborn
Synopsis : After a bizarre signal is broadcast, a city goes mad and a small group struggle to stay alive and sane.
Rating/5 : ★★★★

I saw the trailer for this one a while ago and was really looking forward to it, in the same way I looked forward to 28 Days Later and the new version of Dawn of the Dead. After seeing their trailers, I had that same nervy feeling when watching either the undead, the infected or insane run amok on the city streets, and society falls apart in minutes.
I finally got hold of a copy of The Signal last night, and I was not disappointed. Its a decent flick with a pretty basic premise, and it keeps you hooked all the way through.
The movie is split into 3 segments (Transmission I, II and III). Each segment was written and directed by each of the three Directors, but it runs together so well, you might not know it.
The story line is pretty simple - a bizarre signal is seen on TV screens and heard on phones that drives people mad. It appears to distort their view of reality and lower them to their base instincts, usually with a violent outcome. It has a similar feel to the movies I mentioned earlier, but with a real twist in that you see some of it from the perspective of the deranged lunatic. It gives a unique feel to the film, introducing an empathy and even some humour into what is a very dark look at humanity's reliance on technology. What if all our appliances which we rely on day to day became the reason for our downfall?

I enjoyed this movie immensely and definitely in the top 5 for the "low-budget horror movies seen by me" category. And considering it was filmed in 13 days on a $50k budget, it shows some serious writing and directing talent.

And as an aside, how about this for life imitating art - during the recent screening in Fullerton in February this year, a man leapt up during the movie and stabbed two others in the theatre. Do you have the crazy?

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