Wednesday, March 19, 2008

R.I.P. Arthur C Clarke - 1917 - 2008

Today see's the passing of a man that changed the World. Arthur C Clarke has been influential in the world of science fiction, science space advocacy and and many of his ideas and predictions came true during his lifetime. One of his unaccomplished goals mentioned in a recording made to family and friends, said that he 'would have liked to see evidence of extraterrestrial life during his lifetime'. Part of the legacy he leaves behind includes predicting that man would land on the moon by 2000, communication satellites would live in geosynchronous orbits and probably most famously is his story, 'The Sentinel' which was turned into the science fiction epic 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watch Arthur's last comments after the Jump.


robert said...

Shame everything he did is overshadowed by the kiddy fiddler accusations.

Mr_Fett01 said...

Needless to say that the accusations were completely unfounded and he "vehemently denied" the allegation. It is said that he was deeply hurt by what the Sunday Mirror printed. I think that anyone that has read his work will appreciate what he has done for the World and not beleive the trash press. Coz we all know that the papers are sooo truthfull.

Spankermatic said...


"Clarke released a statement saying that "the accusations are such nonsense that I have found it difficult to treat them with the contempt that they deserve." He also said, "I categorically state that The Sunday Mirror's article is grossly defamatory and contains statements which in themselves and by innuendo are quite false, grossly inaccurate and extremely harmful."

Clarke was investigated by Sri Lankan authorities, who eventually dismissed the accusations, and he was cleared by Sri Lankan police in April 1998. The Sunday Mirror later printed a retraction."