Monday, February 25, 2008

Turn on, Jack In, Tune Out - future upgrade may be difficult\costly

Johnny Mnemonic eat your heart out - looks like thought controlled computer interaction is not far off. A company called Emotiv has unveiled a new Gaming Headset which uses the brainwaves in your freaking head to control action on the screen. While still in the "box moves roughly where I want it to" stage, this will quickly advance to the "jacking in" as described so vividly in cyberpunk novels such as The Neuromancer by William Gibson.

Widespread use will allow peoples dreams and experiences being recorded to be viewed by others (Strange Days). Youtube will expand to cover live streaming from people, and news cameramen will be out of work. Eventually this will lead to neural lace's being inserted into our heads (Iain M. Banks novels on the Culture) and we will use our new found machine power to accelerate the growth and potential of the human race to record our entire brain onto crystals and share lots of pr0n.

Either way, I reckon this has to be one of the most amazing releases I've read about in a wee while - pretty cool when you think where this could take us. Although can you image trying to get a new upgrade for the circuitry in your head?

Read the article on here and check out the company site here.

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